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CBA Grants for Individuals

  • Grants for individuals (previously known as general grants) are based on the merit of the proposal. They have rigid eligibility requirements, a higher funding cap (up to $2,500 per grant,) and are for purposes that benefit CBA and the craft. Most of these have been either: travel to do research or travel to teach.

    1.      A research grant can support projects for research purposes, documentation projects, or scholarly pursuits such as interviews, photography, and gathering information to provide a resource on some aspect of blacksmithing not otherwise available. (Use Research Grant Application Form.)

    2.      A teaching grant can support in-person teaching visits to assist in the preservation and revival of local blacksmithing crafts and art while documenting these activities. The result benefits local economies, living conditions, and culture. (Use Teaching Grant Application Form.)

    3.      Other proposals can be considered as long as there is a strong educational component and the project benefits CBA and/or the broader blacksmithing community which would not otherwise be possible. (Use Research Grant Application Form.)

    CBA Conferences do not fit the purposes of these grants.

    CBA Research Application Form

     CBA Teaching Application Form

    Grant Process

      • Before applying for a Grant, the applicant must be a CBA member in good standing for at least six months and attended at least one CBA function or contributed an article to the magazine. If he/she has not contributed or participated previously, then the membership requirement is one year.
      • Select the application form to complete depending on the activity you want the CBA to support. 
      • Complete the application form as thoroughly as possible. Send the completed application form as an email attachment to
      • Once the application is reviewed, the Grants and Scholarships Committee will reply with a request for clarification or will let you know that the application has been submitted to the CBA Board.
      • Applicants are urged to allow time for several interactions with the Grants Committee and CBA Officers before the board meeting. Grants will be considered by the CBA board at least twice a year, typically at the Board meeting in the Spring and in the Fall.
      • CBA Officers and Board members are not precluded from participation in this program but the conflict-of-interest process must be scrupulously observed.
      • Before disbursing any funding, the applicant and the Grants and Scholarship Committee will create a written agreement detailing the educational contributions you promise to provide with associated timelines. When this is signed, funds will be released.
      • Subject to other arrangements approved by the board, the first half of the grant amount will be disbursed within two weeks of the board meeting that approves the grant with the balance paid upon completion and approval of the payback defined in the application. This practice may vary depending on the type of activity proposed.

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