Level III: Journeyman

This certificate is awarded to those who show expertise in all the skills required at the advanced levels. In addition, they will show they can apply those skills in the construction of articles and they will become proficient in making the tools required to produce The Journeyman's Grill. To receive this certificate, the blacksmith will present to their instructor a completed project:

The Journeyman's Grill (The actual working drawing must be presented with the completed project). The Level II Grill demonstrates skilled application of repeat elements, mastery of the Intermediate Skills and competence in the skills of the Journeyman Blacksmith.

Successful Smiths must also pass a safety test. By completing this coursework they will have shown mastery of the Intermediate skills of a blacksmith and the following:

  • Tool Making
  • Leafing Stake
  • Crimping Stake
  • Male for making ball tools
  • Top tool for shaped collar
  • Forging to dimension
  • Repousse
  • Joinery
    • Forge welding
    • Collars
    • Mortise and Tenoning
    • Riveting
  • Scrollwork
  • Framing (upset square corners)

Completion of this project is expected to take approximately 100 hours. It is assumed that the Journeyman Blacksmith has their own shop and most of the basic tools and that they will only need the guidance of a mentor. It is also expected that the blacksmiths will have made some of their own tools. Some of these skills will be taught at Education Committee Instructor Workshops.

A photo of the completed grill must be provided to the CBA magazine for publication.

Class Project

Level III: The Journeyman's Grill

*More Information About the Level III Grill Can Be Found in the Technical Documents Page.

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