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CBA Inter-organization Grants

  • Inter-Organization grants are made to enhance the blacksmithing or allied crafts education programs of other organizations or to expand their capabilities in ways that support the blacksmithing community.  An Inter-Organization Grant is typically a grant based on the strength of the proposal presented. The funding cap is generally $2,500 per grant. The funds available may be limited to the CBA yearly budget for Grants and Scholarships. The CBA Grants and Scholarships Committee and the receiving organization representatives are encouraged to think creatively to meet the needs of all the stakeholders.

1. The receiving organization must be an IRS-recognized 501c3 or an equivalent non-profit.
2. California organizations or those who provide a substantial benefit to CBA membership or the blacksmithing community here are preferred.
3. The educational purpose of the use of funds roughly matches that of CBA and also fits within the declared purpose of the recipient organization.
4. The grant is to be used to enhance the capability of the receiving organization rather than just operating expenses.
5. CBA prefers to provide funds that match the fund-raising efforts of the receiving organization rather than outright grants. In other words, the receiving organization should do other fundraising in addition to CBA help. The receiving organization should be able to provide documentation of their other funds.
6. Prefer organizations that support hands-on blacksmithing or live events that will engage the public. (I have seen several earnest organizations that are just creating a static display of "the historic blacksmith shop". Which is OK but we'd rather support organizations that will potentially result in new CBA members.)
      • Applications for an Inter-Organization Grant must be in the form of a letter via email to Send the completed application form as an email attachment to and include all of the following:
a. A description of the requesting organization requesting funds; when founded, number of members, yearly budget, geographic area served, etc.
b. Identification of the individuals who lead the requesting organization along with the governance structure. Identify any overlap between CBA Officers and Board Members and those of the requesting organization.
c. A description of the total scope of the project and its current status.
d. The reason for the project; how this project will enhance the ability of the receiving organization to serve its community and blacksmithing generally.
e. Describe how the project will be accomplished.
f. What is the date and time frame for completing the project?
g. What is the total amount of funding that is needed, the amount requested from CBA and the amount already raised from other sources?
h. Provide a budget of how funds will be spent.
i.  What type of recognition will be returned to CBA, e.g., magazine article(s), demonstration(s), workshop(s), videos for the CBA YouTube channel, etc.? Identify the individuals responsible for creating this.
j.  What is the commitment date for recognition to CBA to be completed?
Grant applications will be considered by the board at least twice a year, usually in the Spring and the Fall.  Applicants are urged to allow time for several interactions with the Grants Committee and CBA Officers before the board meeting. Please allow at least 4 months before the need for funds.

Subject to other arrangements approved by the board, the first half of the grant amount will be disbursed within two weeks of the board meeting with the balance paid based on progress criteria to be arranged.

This grant is limited to one grant per organization per year.

CBA Officers and Board members are not precluded from participation in these programs but the conflict-of-interest process must be scrupulously observed.

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