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  • January 09, 2022
  • January 23, 2022
  • Online live streaming via Zoom
  • 8


  • January 9 and 23, 2022
  • January 9 and 23, 2022

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Working towards your Level II, and wanting some feedback, troubleshooting ideas, or plain old bucking up?  Here is your answer!  Two sessions (2 weeks apart) with a small group and a Level II instructor/coach to help you sort out your problems and move forward with confidence.

DATE: January 9 and 23, 2022 (Sundays);

TIME: 10-11:30am PT

EXPERIENCE LEVEL:  Open to all levels but aimed at those working towards their Level II certificate.

INSTRUCTORS: Members of the CBA Level II Team (John Williams, Dave Carroll, Beth Holmberg, Victoria Ritter, Becky Schimpff and Frank Anninghofer)

LOCATION: Online live streaming via Zoom - Login and password will be provided once you have registered.

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: Victoria Ritter 916.947-1388

PRICING:   includes 2 sessions

                $30/participant for CBA members
                $50/participant for non-members

REGISTRATION: for Jan. Sundays (online)

Register here (online)

  •  8 participants maximum
  •  Registration cutoff date is 7 Jan 2022
  •  Instructions for Zoom access to this meeting will be sent to all registrants.
  • After registering for coaching, please send photos of your work, along with questions you already have, to  Keep in mind, pictures or being able to show your work while on the call is VERY helpful for your coach. 


Working on your Level II grille (or even the scrolling wrench or tongs), and feeling a little adrift? Trying to troubleshoot your not-very-square upset corners, asymmetrical S-scrolls, or ever-cracking tenons?

As a regional (and, increasingly, national, and international) force for blacksmithing education, we know that many of you are not near a CBA forge that actively teaches Level II, but we’d like to offer some help! 

In these two 1½ hour coaching sessions, you’ll join a support group of smiths working towards similar goals, trying to grow from Level I Grads to true Intermediate Smiths. Bring your work, your attempts, and your ‘learning experiences’ to share, and see how others are grappling. Get specific advice from a Level II instructor and work together to solve problems.  What’s the best order to plan and forge grille parts in? How might you improvise a solution to a tool you don’t have access to? What the heck is going on with that beveled scroll? And… is this piece good, or not so good?

There is no set agenda. These are driven by your needs, questions, and goals. Students are asked to submit photos of some Level II work ahead of time, for sharing with the group. (Sometimes having a bit of a deadline helps spur you on, right?)  Questions are welcome (and, indeed, expected)! Instructors will not have any formal presentation, but your submissions may help them plan useful examples, photos, or illustrations for each session.

We’ve heard from past students the coaching sessions not only helped them identify and solve specific problems, but also gave them a chance to learn from the mistakes of others, reassured them that their difficulties weren’t unusual, and provided a nice sense of community.  You may want to sign up for more than one pair of coaching sessions, to keep you moving forward and continue the conversations. More sections will be offered as these fill up- keep an eye out!

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