• September 07, 2017
  • December 12, 2017
  • Oakland, CA

Wrought Academy Blacksmithing Classes

September to December 2017

Wrought Academy is marking the Fall of 2017 by introducing several new classes, including a second beginning-level class (Basic Blacksmithing 2), as well as more basic 2-day classes in blade smithing and axe forging that are geared toward students who would like to gain skills in these topics before moving on to the more advanced, 3-day versions of the classes.  We will also now offer a weekend class in forge welding and another in silver wire inlay into steel (as distinct from the silver overlay / koftgari class).  In early December we will offer a gift-making workshop which will allow participants to work for one or two days on making bottle openers (this year's theme) as holiday gifts.  To top it all off we will have a shop party on Saturday, December 9th to celebrate the conclusion of the 2017 teaching year at Wrought Academy over food and glasses of our house mead.

Basic Blacksmithing 2

DATE: Septermber 9 and 10, 2017, from 10am to 6pm.

MORE INFO : http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=basic-blacksmithing-2-2-days


This class will build on the skills taught in the Basic Blacksmithing 1 class and include new techniques such as hot chiseling, punching and heat treating steel.

Basic Forge Welding

DATE: September 16 and 17, 2017

MORE INFO : http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=basic-blacksmithing-2-2-days-duplicate


In this class we will focus on forge welded joinery which was essential to building much of the beautiful ironwork and tools which were common in our pre-industrialized past.


Basic Bladesmithing

DATE: October 7 and 8 , 2017

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=basic-bladesmithing-2-days


Students will be taught foundational bladesmithing skills including tang, point and bevel forging in mild steel, them move on to high carbon steel to forge and heat treat their own knives.

Basic Axe Forging

DATE: October 14 and 15, 2017

MORE INFO :  http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=basic-axe-forging-2-days


This class will teach students the forging and forge welding skills needed to produce an all-welded, utilitarian "belt axe" (a small camping axe).

Forge a Pattern Welded Knife Blade

DATE: November 3, 4, and 5, 2017

MORE INFO :  http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=template-class-duplicate


This intermediate level three-day class will focus on the forge welding techniques required to produce Sax blades (the Sax is the Viking knife) with a twisted , serpent pattern that is integral to its very steel.

Silver Inlay in Steel

DATE: November 18 and 19, 2017

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=silver-inlay-in-steel-2-days


In this class we will cover basic techniques to make tools and inlay silver wire into soft steel samples to create striking decorations.

Holiday Gifts: Bottle Openers

DATE: December 2, 2017

MORE INFO :  http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=holiday-gifts-bottle-openers-saturday

DATE: December 3, 2017

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=holiday-gifts-bottle-openers-saturday-duplicate


These are workshops for producing bottle openers as holiday gifts which can each be enrolled in separately (note: participants are of course welcome to enroll in both!)

Open Shop and Mead Tasting

DATE: December 9, 2017

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=open-shop-and-mead-tasting


The event will take place on Saturday to celebrate the conclusion of our 2017 year of teaching at Wrought Academy. Come say hello at the shop and raise a glass of mead with us in the spirit of the approaching holidays.

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