• September 01, 2016
  • December 31, 2016
  • Oakland, CA

Wrought Academy Blacksmithing Classes

September to December 2016

Open House

DATE: September 3rd, 2016, 10am to 6pm

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?page_id=148&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


Come and see a superbly equipped smithy - as well as the Wrought Academy school - at James Austin's shop in Oakland's warehouse district. Throughout the day James will demonstrate traditional blacksmithing techniques from Wrought Academy classes as well as answer any questions you might have about the history, tools and learning opportunities at his smithy.

Introduction to Blacksmithing

DATE: September 17 and 18, 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=fittings-chain-hinges-and-wrought-iron-introduction&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


Introduction to Blacksmithing will run on Saturday and Sunday / September 17th and 18th for people who would like to delve into early blacksmithing as they reproduce iron articles from the Viking and Middle Ages.

Forging Traditional Norwegian Knife Blades

DATE: October 14 and 16, 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=forging-norwegian-style-laminated-knife-blades&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


In this class students will laminate iron and steel together by forge welding to form blades in the Norwegian tradition which James learned in Norway in May.

Forging a Viking-Age Axe

DATE: October 28-30 (3 days), 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=class-forging-a-viking-age-axe-3-days&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


In this class students will forge historically based Viking axes using the authentic Asymmetric Wrap technique found in most Viking age axes.

Forging Your Own Blacksmithing Tongs

DATE: November 12 and 13, 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=forging-your-own-tongs-2-days&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


In this class students will be able to make several sets of these crucial tools in different styles for their own use.

Forge-Welded Hammers of the Viking Age

DATE: December 2-4 (3 days), 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=forge-welded-hammers-of-the-viking-age-3-days&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


In this class students will forge blade-smithing and blacksmithing hammers from the Viking Age based on archeological finds.

Koftgari/Fine Silver on Steel

DATE: December 10 and 11, 2016

MORE INFO :   http://forgedaxes.com/?wpsc-product=fine-silver-designs-on-steel-aka-koftgari&ct=t(New_Classes_August_20168_7_2016)&mc_cid=e70da97986&mc_eid=608fac13f2


In this class students will learn the fine art of preparing soft steel surfaces for the overlay of fine silver wire to create intricate designs. This pre-Viking era techniques can be used to create unique jewelry and to decorate useful steel articles.

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