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  • December 05, 2015
  • March 20, 2016
  • Oakland, CA

Wrought Academy
Blacksmithing Classes for December 2015 to March 2016


An Open House and Mead Tasting will take place on Saturday, November 7th from 10am until 6pm (mead tasting will start at 3pm).  Come and see Jim Austin's wonderful smithy and school - Wrought Academy, and taste the beverage of Viking royalty!

Fine Silver Overlay for Blacksmiths will be taught on Saturday and Sunday (December 5th and 6th).  In this class students will learn how to form intricate patterns of pure silver onto steel.  They will then forge their own small articles of steel (such as Thor's Hammers) which they will decorate with silver.

Introduction to Blacksmithing will run on Saturday and Sunday (January 9th and 10th) for people who would like to delve into early blacksmithing as they reproduce iron articles from the Viking and Middle Ages.

Forging a Pattern Welded Knife  will be taught on Friday, Satuday and Sunday (January 22nd to 24th).  In this class students will forge weld iron and steel together to form blades with the same serpent patterns as swords from the Sagas.

Forging a Viking-Age Axe will be taught on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (February 5th - 7th, 2016).  In this class students will forge historically based Viking axes using the authentic Asymmetric Wrap technique found in most Viking age axes.

Forge-Welded Hammers of the Viking Age will run on Friday through Sunday (February 19th through the 21st).  In this class students will forge blade-smithing and blacksmithing hammers from the Viking Age based on archeological finds.

Forge Your Own Tongs will be taught on Saturday and Sunday (March 5th and 6th).  Students will be able to make several sets of tongs in different styles for their own use.

Stake Anvil Class will run on Saturday and Sunday (March 19th and 20th).  Students will help forge weld the steel faces on their own stake anvils, then shape the faces and edges to their own specifications and harden them.

Open House and Mead Tasting

On Saturday, November 7th Wrought Academy will host an open house and mead-tasting where you are welcome to both visit the blacksmithing school and shop, and taste Sal and Jim's latest, sparkling mead (it's awesome! - but for adults only).  The open house will run from 10am until 6pm.  Mead tasting will begin at 2pm.  Jim will demonstrate historical blacksmithing that is taught at Wrought Academy.

Forging a Swedish Carpenter's Axe

In April of this year Jim Traveled to Dalarna County in western Sweden to study the forging of carpenters' axes with Mattias Helje.  Mattias forged a beautiful socketed axe of wrought iron and tool steel in his traditional smithy.  This process is documented in Jim's blog with over 100 photos!

Watch the Axe Forging Slide Presentation:

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