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Metalworking for Woodworkers

  • July 17, 2015
  • July 19, 2015
  • Los Angeles, CA

Metalworking for Woodworkers

DATE: July 17th 7pm-10pm and July 19th 9am-3pm, 2015


FEE: $220

MfW Class #1-B

Forestry Axe


  In this class the student will learn how to make a 2-1/2 lb. forestry axe with a 26” handle. 

This size axe is perfect for bringing down reasonable size trees, limbing, and trimming. 

The axe head will be drifted from a block of mild steel, and a tool steel bit will be forge welded in and shaped. 

We will heat treat the steel, and sharpen the bit. 

All of the metal and a 26” hickory handle will be included.    

More on the series.... 
  In this series of classes we will create many of the specialized tools typically used by woodworkers. 

Each class is a standalone class, and students can pick and choose which classes they would like to take. 

My thought is to offer the classes in order that the tools would be needed to create an imaginary woodworking project. 

Classes in the series will involve the creation of such things as forestry tools, splitting tools, hewing tools, draw knives, holdfasts, plane blades, then on to paring chisels, and fine carving chisels. 

More classes can be added at the desire of the students.

There are 3 spaces available for the Forestry Axe class this weekend

this is an advanced beginning/intermediate skill level class

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