Metalworking for Woodworkers

  • June 05, 2015
  • June 06, 2015
  • Los Angeles

Metalworking for Woodworkers

LOCATION: Los Angeles

DATE: Friday June 5th 7pm- 10pm and Saturday June 6th 9am-3pm

COST: $220



MfW Class #1
Forestry Axe

In this class the student will learn how to make a 2-1/2 lb. forestry axe with a 26” handle.  This size axe is perfect for bringing down reasonable size trees, limbing, and trimming.  The axe head will be drifted from a block of mild steel, and a tool steel bit will be forge welded in and shaped.  We will heat treat the steel, and sharpen the bit.  All of the metal and a 26” hickory handle will be included.


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